Looking to replace current system

We just built a new home which has a honeywell system with all door and window contacts and prewired glassbreaks and motion. I want an IQ2 system and was wondering what I need to purchase to take over the existing alarm system and all the contacts and prewires. I’m also looking to add a secondary panel and 6 glass breaks.

I recommend the IQ panel with Powerg Takeover module and then use Powerg Glass breaks and id even use the powerg sirens one indoor and 1 outdoor

Can you link the power take over module.

A similar question is answered here.

You can find our IQ Panel 2+ bundles here.

There are two hardwired-to-wireless translator options for the standard 319.5 mhz model of the panel.

PowerG Hardwire Module .

IQ Hardwire 16F.

The IQ Panel 2+ in our bundles is compatible with 319.5mhz sensors and PowerG, so multiple options for glass breaks are available.

Thank you for helping me out. What’s the difference in choosing between PowerG and IQ hardwire. I just want to make sure I get the right one.

IQ Hardwire 16F supports up to 16 zones out of the box, but only supports 2-wire smoke detectors, and only a handful of specific System Sensor models.

The PowerG hardwire supports 8 zones, supports 2 and 4 wire smoke/co zones. Has a bit higher total amp availability for connected devices.

The biggest difference will be the number of wired zone inputs and the rf method itself, with PowerG having a farther effective range and higher security with frequency hopping spread-spectrum signals.

Thank you again. But still more questions.

Currently we have 4 bedrooms each with pre installed window sensors. A front door. Back door. Garage door. Does that account for 7 zones?

If so, if we have 6 prewired rooms for glass breaks, would that be 6 additional zones? I’m just making sure I buy something that supports those 7 sensored areas above plus 6 wired glass breaks and smoke alarms

Zones can be laid out how you like if they are connected in series back at the panel. A Zone may be a single sensor, it might be 20 sensors, it depends on how they are wired at your panel.

Check labeling or documentation for your current system. How many zones are in the panel?

if we have 6 prewired rooms for glass breaks, would that be 6 additional zones?

Could be 6, could be 1 or anything in between. Depends on how you wire them. Generally on wired systems things like windows or glass breaks are grouped with similar sensor types into a handful of larger zones.

To add sensors to the same zone, they would be wired together in series.