Looking for help with sensors for these windows

My wife and I have decided on a Qolsys IQ 2+ panel and want to build around it. Our issue is we have windows with interesting molding and have questions on which sensor works best for our needs.

In the link above are the windows in question. We would like sensors along the horizontals so we could place two contacts and one sensor to allow the alarm to be on with a window “cracked”.

My concern with hardwired is that we don’t have the skill or ability to hide 11 wires in one room along.

So, that leaves us with wireless. Are there any sensors that may fit my need? I’m guessing one of the micro sensors but I just want some co formation before I buy.

Thank you.

For a window with limited frame width you might try the RE122, which has the slimmest magnet I am aware of for sensors, or it looks like you could mount the sensor at a slight angle on the frame and the magnets on the moving portion. The sensor will overhang that frame embellishment a bit, but it might be a better solution if you need to use two magnets (I’m not aware of being able to buy the slim magnets with the RE122 by themselves.)