Looking for a New System.

I am in the process of moving and would like to set up a new alarm system by 02/25. Here is the system I am looking to purchase:
1x Qolsys IQ Control Panel
4x door/ window contacts
4x image sensor/ PIR motion detector
1x FireFighter smoke alarm detector
2x Z-wave door locks
I have a few questions regarding this system:
I am slightly confused which monitoring package I will need. It seems I will at least need the Gold Interactive plan, but when it comes to the add-ons, I am not sure what I will need.
which door/ window contacts do you recommend? The RE122?
For cosmetic reasons, I would like to purchase Schlage door locks. Is there a way to purchase these through you, or do I need to buy these from a different source?

For the equipment you have indicated, no add-ons would be required. With 4 Image Sensors, you may want to increase the total Images/month count.

The RE122 is the Qolsys compatible door sensor we recommend.

suretyDIY does not sell Schlage locks. Z-wave devices in particular are widely available from a number of retailers. As a DIYer you are under no obligation to use equipment from us.