Longer power cable for ADC-V723?

We installed two ADC-V723s outdoors this weekend. However, for one of the cameras I am going to ultimately need a longer power cord.

What should I be looking for to make sure whatever I buy is compatible?

a cable like this from amazon will work (https://www.amazon.com/Vanxse®cctv-2-1x5-5mm-Extension-Security-Standalone/dp/B00WO9BR20). Male end goes into the camera pigtail and female end plugs into the plugin. I would electric tape the connections so they they do not come unplugged. You can find all kinds of lengths and/or flat cables if needed by searching “camera power extension cable” on amazon.

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Btw what is the video quality like? been curious about the V723 to replace my current ring cams Pretty clear and fluid (not jumpy) video?

So far, so good. Very smooth video, even streaming from the Qolsys IQ 2. Calibrated easily, and so far seems to be doing a great job of alerting only based on the zone I set. Also has done well at differentiating between people and cars. (Haven’t had any animals or UFOs wander onto my driveway yet.)

Had a little weirdness yesterday with one of the cameras claiming it couldn’t record to the SVR, but it seemed to magically resolve itself.

I waited until my Eero Pro 6 setup finally came in before I setup, though. Previously, I was just using Verizon’s router and found that the signal just wasn’t quite sufficient. Oddly with the eero, one of the cameras really prefers the 2 GHz band, and the other is on 5.

Now I just wish the new ADC video doorbell would be released. That’s a lemon in comparison…

Now I just wish the new ADC video doorbell would be released.

Me too. I am really looking forward to it as it should be a significant upgrade.

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