Long Term Test of PIR1-345 Motion Detector

I’m a new customer with a 2GIG panel and PIR-345. The 30 second magnet test of detection range, and the walk through test work fine.

I have three cats. I’d like to configure the system so that when it’s armed-away it will log all motion detected by the PIR at alarm.com, but not cause an alarm and notification to the central station.

Why? Because I’d like to run it that way for a couple weeks to make sure my cats are not tripping the PIR the way it’s positioned and causing false alarms. I can’t instruct my cats to go up steps, or race down the hallway etc. on command. I would like a long term test to have confidence, or make necessary changes.

I tried configuring the sensor as Reporting, but not Supervised. But when armed, motion still caused an alarm (and a VERY fast response on the 2-way from your center!). Of course I’m still in test mode at the central station. I’m not sure if bypassing the sensor will result in an activity record on alarm.com.

So I thought I’d post this up. Any solution will be appreciated.

Program the 2GIG sensor type to be “(23) no response type” and enable sensor activity monitoring on Alarm.com for that sensor. Then it will not cause an alarm on the 2GIG panel even when the system is armed but it will show the sensor being activated in the Alarm.com event history. Set the equipment type to be “contact”, not “motion”, while you’re running this test because 2GIG tends to not report activity for motion detectors as often as it does for contacts in an effort to reduce cellular traffic. See page 31 of the installation manual for sensor types and equipment types.

Just don’t forget to change the sensor type back to “(04) interior follower” and the equipment type back to “motion” when you’re done testing.

Excellent! Thank you Ryan. As much as I LOVED the almost IMMEDIATE response from your center on the 2-way voice after my two test alerts yesterday, I didn’t want to become the next career path for your operators with my motion testing.

I will try those changes and report back. I would think this would be useful for anyone with pets putting in their first system with motion detection. I know I didn’t want to start out by summoning the state police here because my cats raced up the stairs.

Now that I think of it, I know I’m really liking this panel so far, and that means more sensors are coming. So when adding or re-positioning a motion sensor, putting it in this test configuration for a while will be useful again.

Ryan: this appears to be working like a champ! The PIR is logging records of all motion detected whether the panel is armed or not. And if the panel is armed, it’s not setting off an alert.

So thanks for that config! You guys are batting 1.000 so far.

Glad to hear it. You may notice that it takes a few minutes for the motion detector to reset itself after detecting motion, before it will detect motion again. That’s normal. But you should see it log motion every time you’ve been away for a while and then walk back in front of it.

Yes, I know about the approximate three minute delay to conserve battery power. That’s fine.

Overnight my cats tripped the motion detector 7 times while my wife and I were asleep. So I’m glad I’m testing in advance! I had it set for max sensitivity and 33 lbs for pet. So now I’m backing it down to Low sensitivity and we’ll see how that does. So far on Low it’s still detecting us walking around with no problem.