Long Power outage

So, I’m here in Houston and our winter storm knocked out power for almost a full day. Finally when everything came back online, all my devices were lost from the panel.

This is unfortunately a rare but known issue with GC2 Z-wave radios.

In some cases during a power outage the radio can lose the device list. I’ve never experienced this myself, and I have cut power to tons of GC2s. If it does happen, the only way to resolve is to re-learn the network manually.

Z-wave device configuration cannot be backed up the same way sensors can due to how Z-wave functions. Z-wave devices must always be learned in locally at the panel.

The devices themselves will retain the parent network link, but a new one must be established. To re-learn devices, first use the Remove Device button on the panel (Services > Z-wave > Wrench Icon > Installer Code > “remove devices”) and go to each Z-wave device and activate it to send a signal to the panel. The panel controller will then clear that device’s parent network link. You can then select add devices and do the same thing to re-add.