Logging in with New Service

Unable to log into the website after successfully running a cell phone test more than 30 minutes ago.

Looking into this account, Alarm.com shows no record of a successful cell phone test and your panel has yet to communicate with Alarm.com. You can only login successfully after initial communication has begun.

It appears this is regarding a replacement module for one that was unregistered by the carrier. At this time, please ensure that your new communication module is installed and re-run the cell phone test. Let us know and we can verify that the test signal was received by ADC.

After a successful test please allow up to 30 minutes for all initial commands to be sent.

I have done this again and it said successful just like the first time, below were the lines that appeared on screen.

Radio modem phone test started.
Radio modem wireless path tested successfully.
call Central Station to check reports if needed.
Cell Phone Test successful.

Also, checked Radio Status and it shows signal strength at 14/31, status is Registered, connection status is Connected (OTASP Ok), sim status not locked and Radio Frequency is Auto.

Interesting, we are still not seeing any communication from the module on the back end. Can you please send the “Serial Number” listed on that same radio status screen via secure message here?

The serial number submitted does not match the new serial number submitted to our team for processing during your order. It matches a prior module number which has been unregistered by the carrier. This means that the new Alarm.com cellular module was not installed in the panel.

You must physically install the new module obtained in order for it to be able to communicate. See this video for instructions on swapping the module.

After swapping the module (must be done with the panel powered down) power up the panel, wait a couple minutes, then run the cell test.

This was already done prior to the cell phone test.

This was already done prior to the cell phone test.

To clarify, the module number you submitted via the secure message, which is from the radio status screen as requested, yes? That number is the old module. That would mean the old module is installed in your panel. That would be why your panel is not connecting to ADC.

I did all of the steps again, disabling the power and backup power and it worked this time. Possibly did not have the backup completely unplugged the first time. Thanks for your patience.

I see. If the module is swapped while the panel is still powered you can get strange inconsistencies. I do see the signals going through on the back end now. Allow 30 minutes for all to complete and you should be good to go!