Log In

I tested the system and my pass code was not accepted. I tried to log into the system and the message was that the PW was not correct. I have sent numerous requests to reset my PW. What am I to do?

I cannot log in. Can someone send me instructions how to log in???

Surety support is not open till tomorrow.

Are you referring to panel password, or alarm.com account password?

What panel do you have, and do you have active service? If you just signed up for service, or need your panel reprovisioned/lock out/password remotely reset, you will most likely have to wait for normal business hours tomorrow I suspect.

If you have a 2GIG original panel, you may be able to reset the user password yourself using the known installer code.

It looks like the account had been locked due to failed attempts. Instructions for logging into Alarm.com are found in your “welcome to suretyDIY” email. We’ll have customer service send a follow up email today.