I have 2 Yale locks installed and on my zwave network. The touch screen model does not show a battery % on alarm.com, but my push button model does. How do I get the touch screen model to show the battery % as well? I login to alarm.com and select emPower then locks. I have 2 locks listed. the first is Frond Door Lock Unlocked today at 7:46am. the second is Back Door Lock Unlocked today at 10:18am it shows a battery icon then 98%. The front door is a Yale Real Living touch screen w/zwave. The back door is a Yale Real Living push button w/zwave.

Also, I have dual ct100 thermos in my home. one of them is showing “Above temp threshold” on the alarm.com site for a status. the thermostat in question, 2nd Floor AC is working fine and is at 77 degrees. not sure why its showing this, but how can i get that status cleared?

Is there something wrong with the alarm.com website?

Hm. I’m showing some communication malfunctions coming from your network. There are a few things we can do. One option is always to delete the locks and then re-add them to see if that eliminates the problem. Prior to doing that, I would ask how far away from the panel are your z-wave devices? Also were your CT100’s added in to the network after they were physically installed and connected to 24VAC, or are they operating on the network since being added in prior to the installation (on batteries only)? They would work as repeaters in the former, but not the later. If they aren’t acting as repeaters, removing them from the network and adding them while connected could help if your door locks’ distance from the panel is causing communication trouble.

Before making any changes, it is worth trying a network rediscovery to make sure the paths are appropriate for the locations of the z-wave devices in relation to the panel. If you end up adding repeaters, or re-adding your CT100s while attached to the furnace (if they weren’t already) be sure you rediscover the network again at that point as well. Communication malfunctions, like what I am seeing, can cause problems in updating the website, which most likely is why you are not seeing the battery strength for both locks when you log in.

I have not had a problem with comm malfunctions until today. My lock was has never given an error before today. I am going to assume that distance is not an issue either since my door contacts are showing full green. I’ll give the rediscover a try.

Ok - I rediscovered the network and the ct100 is now showing ok - which is great. To answer your question, the CT100’s were added to the network after being connected to AC/heat pump.

Are you still not seeing battery status for one of the locks? Has the battery status always been visible in the past or have your z-wave devices not been completely updated on the website before? On my end I see it now, and it appears that rediscovering the network has got everything updating appropriately.


tried to upload a pic, but its not working.


One more item. How do I get the system to send me a text message when the battery gets low?


Low battery notifications are already created by default under the notifications tab and “system event.” You can edit the recipients of that notification to include your phone.