Locks not showing on ADC

For some reason my 3 Kwikset locks are not showing up on alarm.com but they do show up on the 2gig panel.

Any ideas?

How long ago did you add the devices? Keep in mind z-wave devices take longer to show up on ADC. I have run a request for an updated equipment list which may hasten the process. This should have them showing up in the next 10 minutes or so.

I added them on Saturday. They are still not showing on ADC. My 2Gig control panel is acting as a secondary zwave device to a Vera Edge primary.

Both the Vera primary and 2Gig secondary controllers can see the locks.

What is the model number of the Kwikset locks?

We have seen a similar issue recently, so it may be that updates are required for the back-end to be able to see all device info shared by Vera Edge units.

Two of the Kwikset locks are model 99100-004 and one is 99120-004.

Kwikset 910 Zwave Smartcode electronic deadbolt

Can you provide the node ids for those locks as they are reported in the 2GIG panel?

The node ids are 46, 47, 49 and they do report on the 2GIG panel.

I was able to get some in-depth info from an ADC source. It looks like in the data coming from your panel there are nine node IDs which have incomplete information as sent by the 2GIG panel. 37, 38, 39, 42, 43, 46, 47, 48, 49 are all incomplete and cannot populate in your Alarm.com account.

Unless there is another common denominator with those nodes, it looks like the 2GIG panel did not fully receive the device list info from Vera when it was paired. I would recommend resetting the 2GIG Z-wave radio, wait five to ten minutes, then re-learn the 2GIG panel as a secondary to Vera. Make sure that Vera and 2GIG are within a few feet of each other during the process.

You will generally want to leave the two controllers close to each other longer than you think you should when you first pair them.

I tried what you recommended but I got the same results. When the 2Gig is setup as a secondary controller it is not able to pull the manufacturer information from the Kwikset locks. Most of the other nodes not detected are Zwave Ecolink motion sensors.

If I make the 2gig controller a primary then I can add successfully the Kwikset lock and it pulls the manufacturer info Black and Decker.

The motion detectors would make sense, as they will not be compatible with 2GIG regardless and cannot be used for security purposes through Alarm.com.

What you are seeing mirrors what I see on the back-end. The lock nodes are unable to provide full information required for operation through Alarm.com and won’t populate. It looks like the Edge may not be transferring that information correctly during the pair.

Are there any controls in the Edge UI to push node info to secondary controllers? You may try to see if you can force that info over after the fact.