Locks not locking

I have 3 door locks that are supposed to lock when the garage door closes. One is locking and the system says it is locked, one is locking while the system says it is not, and one is not locking and the system is saying it is not. Any suggestions?

It looks like you have 3 z-wave locks and no wall powered z-wave devices to repeat messages and strengthen the network. Unless all three of those locks are within about 30ft of the control panel, you are probably having a communication problem. I suggest getting 3 z-wave repeaters and installing one between each lock and the control panel, within about 25ft from each lock or closer to the lock if possible. It’s more important that the repeaters are close to the locks than close to the the control panel.

There’s a paragraph in this post explaining why you need wall powered repeaters for z-wave door locks.