Locked out? (new system)

After some construction delays, I am finally installing one of the system I bought a few months ago.

This is the second Qolsys IQ purchased, “Home”. First was “Shop”.

So…tonight, fresh out of the box, I plugged in the battery, plugged in the power supply, and before I got the chance to add users, my “helper” helped by arming the system. Only code I think I have from the original order placement is the installer code. Tried it, along with what the user code would have been if I provided it at time of purchase, but no go…and the alarm tripped.

So…should there already be a default or other arm/disarm code in there? Should I read the instructions first? Can I get the system reset/unlocked remotely?

(It’s unplugged and battery disconnected right now, until I get back out there in the a.m.).

Nebermind…stupid one here hadn’t run thru the initial setup in the welcome email. Sometimes you do have to RTFM!

I am glad to hear this was resolved quickly! Yes, the installer code cannot be used to affect the arming state of the panel, you would need to use the master code to disarm.

The Master code for a new panel would be default value shipped from suretyDIY. If purchased elsewhere it’s likely default too, but check with your vendor.

Panel defaults for panels we sell:

Qolsys IQ Panel 2: 1234
GC2 and GC3: 1111

Be sure to change the default code to one of your choosing.

Also, with Alarm.com access you can change this remotely. The master code is the code associated with your primary user in Alarm.com on the users page.