Lock out if sync

I keep getting a lock out of sync error on the app. When use the lock it will sync up again, but will then go out of sync again between uses… what would cause this?SmartSelect_20191224-102155_Alarmcom

How often does this occur and how long does it take between uses for the “out of sync” error to show up?

Has this been happening just recently, or always?

It has been happening the last month or two…Did not happen when I first installed it…I would say after using it, the error will occur sometime that day…

Thanks! When did this most recently occur?

Have any new Z-wave items been introduced/removed in this time period?

I noticed the error this morning, so sometime yesterday or today.

Have any new Z-wave items been introduced/removed in this time period?

No sir

Thanks for the info. It looks like one of your user codes in ADC differs from that of what is stored on the lock. In this case it is the Master Code.

Have you tried to retry sending the code? You can do so by navigating to the User tab in Alarm.com, and clicking on the user who is the Master and click retry code. This should re-send the user code in ADC. Does doing this clear the error?

Ok trying now…its been doing it for awhile

It may take a few minutes to process.

Should the retry function not work or time out, run a z-wave network rediscovery at the panel and then retry.

You can also try removing lock access completely from the user (via ADC), then re-adding which should prompt the users code to be pushed to the lock as well.

Its possible that there is a z-Wave range issue at play here too. I’m noticing that the lock does not have a lot of connected neighboring nodes., one of which is a TSTAT on battery power, which won’t repeat a Z-Wave signal.

If the lock and code don’t sync, bring a repeating Z-Wave node closer to the lock (any z-wave device that plugs into the wall should suffice) to ensure a better mesh network.

Thanks…there is a repeater in the same room and another about 25 feet away…one is the front door…the other is a light switch.