Lock offline

Hi, I changed batteries in my lock (ID 2) due to a low battery. When I changed the batteries I got a “End of Low Battery” notification email, as well one saying it was back online. However, I got another email 6 minutes later that it was offline. How do I check whether it’s online or offline?

Also, if I’m getting notifications from the lock, does that mean I should be able to set it up to lock and unlock via an app?


Happy to assist!

Offline, or Malfunction, mean that the lock is having trouble communicating with the alarm panel. Currently your lock is reporting a malfunction.

This means you will likely have trouble controlling the lock from the app or locally from the panel.

What you will want to do to troubleshoot is to:

  • remove the lock from programming,
  • re-add it,
  • then run a Z-Wave network rediscovery.
  • Test for functionality both locally and remotely

Steps on how to do that with your panel can be found below. You will need to keep the panel within 6 feet of the lock during the clear and add process and for five minutes after pairing successfully so the lock completes secure enrollment. The Z-Wave Network Rediscovery should be run once the panel is back at its installation point (you can run the panel off of battery only to bring it closer).

I am only seeing one Z-Wave device on your network, the lock. Z-Wave is a mesh network, meaning the more devices you have, the stronger it is.

Do you notice the lock falling off line frequently? How far away from the panel is it?

More information on setting up a successful Z-Wave network can be found here: