Lock not registereding on Alarm.Com

I registered some new z wave light switches and they appeared on alarm.com within minutes.

I am adding my schlage lock BE369 and it adds fine, but does not show up under locks on alarm.com. I have been waiting for a longs time (much longer than switches). I have deleted it and tried re adding it.

I removed the lock so I am adding and deleting it right next to the main panel.

The lock does seem to “exit” discovery mode before the 2gig panel finishes discovering it. However it did this before and I didnt seem to have a problem.

If you can see it and control it with 2GIG then it should show up on Alarm.com. Sometimes it takes longer than other times for z-wave devices to show up. The first thing to try is running a cell phone test from your 2GIG panel which typically will push an equipment list update to Alarm.com. Another thing to try is that we request an equipment list update from your panel. I’ll try that now.

It’s also possible that you are experiencing this issue.


I’ll check with Alarm.com to see if it’s been resolved yet, I haven’t heard.

Thanks Ryan. Just transfereed service to you today. Everything worked yesterday. Want to get the lock working first because I use it to disarm panel and if you add users before the lock is seen it is a lot easier

running cell phone test now too…

No luck. I just spoke with Alarm.com and the issue is not resolved yet. I flagged your account as another one experiencing this problem and as soon as we hear it’s resolved we’ll try to notify everyone.

It makes sense that it worked yesterday. The issue is just with adding those particular model locks to an account. Once they’re on there they seem to work. I’m a bit lost as to why a specific model lock would work on 2GIG but not show up on Alarm.com. It’s hard to tell whether the bug is on the Alarm.com end or the 2GIG end.

Thank you . Please hound them on this. It is a feature we use regularly. We use it to disarm the panel and to also send notificationss to us when the door is unlocked. Probably one of one of our most used features.

I was back and forth with Caven krekelberg at ADC for months as the notifications were intermittent (I can understand not working or working…but intermittent?) And now how it does not register locks on ADC? Seems like issues on THEIR end and they seem a bit lazy to fix it.

It’s most likely an Alarm.com problem rather than a 2GIG problem because it just started happening and didn’t seem to correspond with a 2GIG firmware release. Alarm.com can change things any time they want but 2GIG can only make changes with firmware releases. Since we install Yale locks we wouldn’t have noticed a Schlage specific issue ourselves so we didn’t know about it until DIY customers started reporting it. The problem could still possibly be on 2GIG’s end though since ADC can’t know about a lock unless 2GIG tells it the lock exists. Alarm.com depends on 2GIG for just about every feature because 2GIG does their own z-wave implementation (unlike Interlogix and DSC). I just wish someone would step in and fix this issue already!