Lock going offline after battery change

Hello! Schlage keyless lock with Qolsys panel. Working perfect for two years. While I was away, the batteries got low and died on the lock. After coming home, changed the batteries. Lock came back online with no issue, but now goes “offline” and is unreachable through the app. The lock works, and when someone locks or unlocks the door, it is instantly back online again for a short time before going offline. Ran a zwave test on the panel and it shows it can’t see that device. (again, though if we unlock the door it will be seen by the panel and alert us). Any ideas?

Make sure you have used the battery type suggested by the manufacturer for that lock. If Alkaline batteries are recommended, often Lithium or Rechargeable batteries will show issues, and vice versa.

Also make sure that all batteries were changed. Partial replacement will not work.

Otherwise, power off the lock by pulling the batteries, leave them out for 20 minutes, then power it back up.

If no change, remove the lock from the panel, wait 5 minutes, then pair it again. Any luck?