Lock always reports deadbolt jammed

I am getting this alert each and every time I arm my system which auto locks the deadbolt.

I have looked at lock. Deadbolt isn’t jammed and is closing completely. Not sure why I get this message each time. Is there any way to disable it?

The alert I believe that is creating the notification you are seeing is located under system actions to watch: a garage or door lock can’t be secured.

That said, the best way to deal with an issue like this is discover and resolve the underlying issue.

Seasonal changes can cause constriction or swelling of frames and doors, and a motorized deadbolt is much more susceptible to alignment problems as friction on the bolt can wear down batteries very quickly and damage the lock over time.

Things to check for:

  • Wiggle room when the door is closed. If the door does not sit snugly and wind or other pressure can move door in and out even a little bit this can easily cause intermittent alignment issues.

  • Any friction when throwing the bolt by hand. When the door is at rest and you are not applying any pressure on the door to keep it shut, if the bolt scrapes against the strike plate at all this can cause issues for a motorized bolt.

  • Some models of lock can be fastened too tightly to the door, or if the original deadbolt installation was not precise, the cutouts in the door itself may even be tilted or off-center slightly, which can place pressure on the motorized lock’s internal components.

I had done the manual closing you asked about. I am going to check it again. I can hear it throw completely. The door is locked.

I can hear it throw completely.

It may not be an issue of extending the bolt completely. The alert can mean that the bolt was jammed and unable to fully extend, but the lock may be generating the alert due to either friction slowing the bolt, or internal pressure due to slight misalignment (this is pretty easy to do since non-motorized deadbolts have a bit more leeway with regard to alignment)

A good test: If the door is standing open and you physically flip the thumb-turn to lock it, is there any resistance? There should not be. If you feel resistance this would typically indicate misalignment.

If you do not feel any resistance with the door open, close the door. Without putting any pressure against the door to keep it closed, throw the thumb-turn. Any difference in resistance from when it was open?