Lock accessibility during monitoring switch?

I’m about to switch over from my current provider and sign up for your services.

Currently, I have several Yale Z-Wave locks on the system and the PINs are programmed via alarm.com. When my current service is disabled, will the PINs on the locks also be disabled? I’m afraid that the locks will be inaccessible during the brief period between when my current service is cancelled and when I sign up for yours.

The lock codes won’t be disabled and neither will your alarm system codes. But when your new Alarm.com account is activated and connected to your system you will have to add those codes again to your new Alarm.com account. The first time you “Save” user codes or lock codes on your new Alarm.com account it will overwrite all your old codes with whatever you have programmed in your new Alarm.com account.

That’s great to know! I was worried that the locks wouldn’t recognize any of the PINs during the switch-over.

BTW, you guys are very impressive, in terms of your knowledge, response time, and willingness to help. Reasons why I just bought a system from you (for my mom) and will be switching mine, and two other accounts (brother and brother-in-law), in the near future.

On a separate note, do you have plans to ever offer the Ion Plunger? I’ve used several in the aforementioned family installs and love them.

Thanks again,

We’ve considered it but there hasn’t been a huge demand for them so we didn’t go forward with it. I’ll pass along your feedback though as I don’t see any reason not to offer them.