Lock Access

My lock still will allow a user access even though they are limited in their access within the system. Any way to troubleshoot this?

Is this a specific lock which they should not have access to or a time-based access restriction? When are they intended to have access?

Every day except Sunday, however yesterday the code worked.

What time yesterday did you notice you were able to use the code?

9:34 am, Dec-14-2015

14th would be Monday, however, digging into the history we do see a use of the code on the 13th.

Can you delete that user code completely, wait at least five minutes, then recreate?

Also, as a quicker test, can you create a test user code that only has access for a one hour period today in which you would be able to test that code? Test during that one hour period, then test outside of that one hour period.

This is crazy, it is not working. Access is prevented but it still allows someone to walk right into our home?? I did everything you asked and it worked and now this.

This is what it says:

Front Door Unlocked by User at slot 4 1:54 pm, Dec-17-2015

So the 1:54 pm access was performed outside of the access time period given to the test user code?

We do not see slot 4 as being used currently, did you delete the user entirely?

What we want to determine is if the user code is being given incorrect access or if the lock’s clock has an incorrect time set.

With the user code completely deleted, does that code have access at the lock?

When the locks were learned into your alarm panel, were they within a few feet of the panel?

Yes this is still within a few feet installed.

I have no idea what slot 4 is?

The user used the code for Construction Workers which have no access to the lock and it reported it as slot 4.

I see additional locks on the account, are you having this same issue with other locks, or only this one?

It sounds like updated code information is not being accepted at the lock. A few things may be wrong:

The lock’s internal clock is set as soon as it is paired. I believe if it is paired prior to the panel’s clock being updated properly by connection with ADC service or manually updated the lock will retain the wrong timezone/date info. This may be the problem if time-dependent codes are getting access outside of the expected schedule.

Another possibility is that the lock is simply not getting the updated codes info when sent, which seems likely if you have deleted or revoked access to that user and the code still works. The lock itself determines access, it does not check with the panel each time a code is entered.

The next step for both of the above situations would be to remove the lock from your network and re-install.

Were you able to remove and re-add the lock and determine if this resolved the issue?