Location for recessed door sensor

Hi all,

For anyone who has installed a recessed door sensor, where did you choose to install it? I am not sure if I am best installing it on the top edge of the door so that you don’t see it (except for the magnet on the top jamb), or if somewhere along the doorknob edge - and if so, higher up or lower to the ground?



I’ve typically installed them on the side of the door but you can install it along the top as well as long as you keep it near the knob/handle side of the door. Don’t install it in the middle or near the hinge side because then it would take longer for the sensor to detect that the door is open.

Thank you, Ryan!

Out of curiosity, Ryan, any particular reason for the side preference in your experience? Simply easier to install since you don’t need a ladder, or have you found any performance differences or the like?

There are a couple reasons why I would choose the spot indicated by Ryan.

  1. Ease of access, as you said.
  2. While the sensor itself has an optional screw-down top to hold it in place, the magnet does not, necessitating (unless you are into super glue) that the magnet be inserted into the door and the sensor in the top of the frame, should you decide that is how you prefer to mount it. In hollow doors, you must be very careful not to drill a hole that is slightly too large for the magnet.
  3. Due to the above, if you should have signal issues, likely due to metal either as a frame strip in older homes, or if the door is a metal, fire resistant door, it would be more difficult to swap the positions of the sensor and the magnet.
  4. 2GIG instructions indicate a horizontal orientation for the sensor. Sensor orientation can impact rf signal. (That said I have personally never seen a detrimental impact.) If you are trying to squeeze every foot of range out of it, say in a very large home with a distant control panel, this may or may not come into play.

The short answer, for me, is that it facilitates installation and troubleshooting.