Local Z Wave Light Control - Switch Based

I have quite a few Z-wave switches (Mostly GE) that work well with ADC and 2Gig. However, based on some bad switch placement I would like to add one of the multi-function wall switches that would allow me to control several lights from 1 location.

I don’t really need scene control-I more need the ability at the top of the stairs to hit 3 buttons and turn off the 3 lights downstairs that are on. The lights being controlled would have z-wave switches, of course. Can I accomplish this without a secondary z-wave controller?

I do not know of one off the top of my head that does not function as a sub-controller, which means it would not work with 2GIG alone.

If you do not need independent control of the 3 lights you reference, and instead would be ok turning them all off at once, this might be a quick cheap solution that doesn’t require electrical wiring:

You could instead use a 3 way transmitter switch for each of the primary load switches (would need to be a compatible model) What is the model number of your switches?

Most of my switches are the GE/Jasco switches. Most dimmable.


I have one that is the new[er] leviton purchased from HD.

Jason, that video is a solid trick. It may be useful for me in some other applications. However, of this one I would like more control than simply 1 switch that turned off 3 lights. So if I need a secondary controller to get this done what would you recommend? Limited (or reasonable) lag would be preferred.

The application is the light switches at top and bottom of my stairs. It is the natural place to allow me to have more control and to avoid having to pull out the phone to turn off or on the downstairs lights.

The only primary controller I use on a regular basis is Vera. (A Vera-lite in this case) There is not much in the way of integration with the 2GIG panel other than the panel has no trouble receiving a compatible list of equipment from the Vera primary controller.

This allows two things: Full ADC control over compatible devices through 2GIG, and full local integration using a more robust controller.

Would the minimote help in my situation. I know you have mentioned it in other threads as a controller and I am trying to get my mind around what it does.


The minimote we use as a quick and inexpensive “Associate” tool.

3 way Zwave switches are typically handled with a primary load switch and a transmitter which does not control the load in any way, but is wirelessly linked to the load switch. You need the Associate function of a Zwave controller to do this. 2GIG cannot associate. The minimote can.

If the switches are already 3 way, this is your best option, but I thought I understood your original comment to mean you needed to alter the switch placement/add a brand new switch location.

No, I don’t need need to change switch location but I am looking for increased switch functionality. Let me explain

Currently I have 3 way switches at the bottom and top of the stairs that control the 1 light on the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs I wanted to add the functionality to not only control the load of that one light but also to control some other z wave lights downstairs. So the idea would be that as I was retiring for the evening I could hit buttons on that switch to turn off living room lights, dining room lights, and kitchen lights. Essentially, talk to the 3 other ge z wave switches that matter on the first level so that I didn’t have to roam around the first floor to control them individually. It would also avoid pulling out the phone to do it via ADC.

I guess the veraedge would accomplish this. I am not sure if the minimote would? If I didn’t have to get another controller just for this one use that would be idea but it sounds like it isn’t possible with just the 2giggo panel

I don’t think the Minimote would help in that circumstance. I don’t believe those multi button switch controllers just associate with other lights. They are instead “Scene” controls. In this case I think you would need a primary controller like vera to set it up since it would need to be on the same network as both your switches and the 2GIG panel - and a switch panel that can be a secondary controller (most probably have to be, like the 2GIG panel they cannot be primary, so that shouldn’t be hard).

Thank you for the help. I will order a veraedge and use that as the primary controller and have the 2gig as secondary controller.

One last question. I recently bought a Harmony Remote and the Harmony Home Hub Extension which is z-wave compatible. I paired my lights with that hub and 3 hours later I received many reports from ADC that my lights were offline. By adding the switches into the Harmony Hub did I effectively remove them from 2Gig (replace primary controller) and as a result broke the integration? Regardless the Vera as primary integrates with Harmony and with ADC so that should solve the problem…this question is more of a short-term issue and a curiosity.

Yep, you can only “Pair” your Zwave devices with one parent controller, the Primary controller of the system. You then learn in your secondary controllers and the network info is shared from the primary controller to the secondaries.

That is what I figured. So since I setup Harmony last night and to test that as primary controller should I remove all the z-wave devices that are in the 2Gig and learn it in as secondary. Or can I simply add it as secondary without deleted the currently ‘offline’ devices?

You should use the reset controller function on 2GIG in the advanced zwave settings, then use the learn controller function to pair it under the primary (I cannot guarantee this works with a Harmony remote, never tested that)

Just to note that the Harmony Elite (and Ultimate) works as a primary controller when using the Harmony Hub Extender and the 2Gig.

Thank you for the update! Good to have confirmation since documentation on controller interactions is not something which would be officially released by manufacturers.

Yeah all works and has for a few weeks. The only issue is that I received a replacement remote today and reconfigured the programming. When I did it took a little while for alarm.com to show my zwave devices- however two are missing. They are in the 2gig but not on alarm.com. Will that fix itself?

What two devices are listed in the 2GIG Panel but not ADC? What is their model number?

How can I force a reupload of zwave devices from my 2gig to alarm.com? A few devices are missing.

How long ago did you add them? Are these the same devices that Jason referred to above? I have requested an updated list of equipment be pulled which would hasten the typical delay in newly added z-wave devices showing up on ADC.

All works now. Thank you.