Local safety sensor notification only when armed?

We’ve got a shed door equipped with a contact sensor set as a local safety sensor (I dont necessarily want it to trigger an alarm event). Is there a way to set a notification if the sensor is opened when the alarm is armed? For now, I’ve set a notification based on times that would be atypical for someone to be in the shed(at night). However, we are often away during the day (outside of the notification parameters) with the alarm armed and I’d like to be notified if someone were to open the shed door. Is there a way?

I don’t believe there is any way to create an Alarm.com notification that only happens when the system is armed. Their intention is for you to use Geo-Fences for that. You can select Geo-Fences in the Notification Filtering section.

If Geo-Fences aren’t your jam, there are clever ways to create that kind of behavior via wiring but it depends on your panel. The IQ Panel 2 doesn’t have an output that indicates whether the panel is armed or disarmed. But you can achieve it with a Z-Wave dry contact.