Live Video unavailable in Chrome/Firefox site

Hi - This is more of a problem for the parent company/provider but I have been seeing Javascript errors instead of live video when viewing from my Chrome and Firefox browsers. To be clear, I can see live video when veiewing using the Android app but this problems seem to be isolated to web browsers (including Chrome on Android). doesn’t appear to be experiencing errors atm. Is Java updated on the device/browser you are trying to view live video on? This needs to be current to view live video. What is the exact error message you are seeing when your try to view live video through firefox or chrome?

Try this URL (I use it on linux chromium). Requires flash/peppeflash. For chrome on Android it is not supported above Ice Cream Sandwich. Use official app.

Hi – I’ve been able to confirm the live viewing does work on Windows-based machines so this seems like the bug is only an issue when viewing from a web browser using an Linux- or Android-based machine.

Ah, yes have you tried the link suggested above?

Streaming is not optimized for android or linux browsers. Generally you’ll want to just use the app on android, and like for most things on linux a bit of a work-around is required. Unfortunately linux constitutes a brevity of users, so there is not as much development time which can be afforded to it, much to my own dismay as I use linux as well on home computers.