List of compatible devices

I contacted Qolsys and they said all their distributors have access to their complete list of compatible devices located in their dealer portal. Could you please list those for us? We (general public) have no clue what this system is compatible with other than the couple Resolution products you have listed.


New Qolsys panels are compatible with all GE wireless security sensors. See the post found here for information.

Attached below is a document from Qolsys outlining compatible, tested Zwave devices.

Qolsys-Supported-Z-Wave-Devices1.pdf (371 KB)

Beautiful! thank you very much!

As a note, I have 2 of the GE/Jasco 45613 3 way z-wave dimmer switches connected to my Qolsys panel, and they work perfectly.

Here is an expanded and most recently updated list of sensors and Zwave devices tested and supported by Qolsys IQ Panel using V 1.42 software.

Qolsys-Supported-Z-Wave-Devices-1-8-15.pdf (580 KB)

Supported-Security-RF-Sensors-319-2-2-15.pdf (115 KB)

Where can we purchase the Qolsys Wireless Siren QS-7410-840?

Any updates anyone??

The part number for the wireless siren is— QS-8410-P01

Oddly, I cannot easily substantiate either of those part numbers. It is the first one given that shows up in Qolsys documentation. I’m willing to bet it is the re-branded Resolution Products wireless siren, but I cannot say for certain. I will check with Qolsys.

Got word back on the wireless siren QS-7410-840. It is indeed a re-branded Resolution Products RE116U.

So you can get that from us. Or if you want the Qolsys-branded version, it’ll be available shortly. I believe it has actually just shipped to distributors recently.

Is there a list of Compatible Z-Wave Smoke Alarms? Funny there are none on the Qolsys list considering they offer the re-branded Resolution Products model.

Is there a list of Compatible Z-Wave Smoke Alarms

I wasn’t aware Qolsys supported zwave smoke detectors.

Given the fact that as a security panel other smoke detector options exist, and that those options are almost universally more reliable in terms of signal (Zwave networks are highly reliant upon repeating nodes for communication depending on distances) security panel manufacturers are typically not going to support or put in development time for Zwave security or life safety sensors.

Ok, My mistake. I thought the Qolsys QS-5110-P01 Smoke detector was Z-wave. I now see it is IQ.

Not a problem, we do get questions regarding Zwave sensors in general fairly often. The average non-DIY alarm system probably doesn’t have more than a couple Zwave devices, so I am sure it is difficult for the panel manufacturer to justify the addition. It would almost certainly cause more problems than it would solve.

I am new to zwave and Qolsys and we looking for some dimmers and switches. Settled on the Linear WD500Z for dimmers from the compatibility list, but wound up getting the GE 12722 on/off switch, but do not see that on the compatibility list. Am I in trouble? Or will it likely work and Qolsys just has not qualified it yet? Trying to figure out just how comparable zzwave is or do I need to,stick to the approved list?

I am also looking at eventually wanting to tie in my a garage doors, any suggestions that will work with Qolsys?


As we have not worked with the GE 12722 and Qolsys I couldn’t say. If it is not on the compatibility list it has not been fully tested by Qolsys, but I would say of all Zwave devices, a light switch should probably have the highest likelihood of cross-compatibility.

Let us know whether or not you have issues with it.

The garage automation is typically handled through Liftmaster integration and does not directly communicate with your panel, regardless of type. It communicates with ADC directly via Liftmaster’s servers and your internet connection.

Thanks, hopefully will know this weekend when I hook everything up and will report back. Dumb question, I keep seeing ADC mentioned, what is ADC?

ADC = Alarm Dot Com