Linux Debian/Ubuntu Chromium browser and ADC live video camera


Does ADC support live view video on linux debian/ubuntu via the Chrome/Chromium browser? What plugins are available/needed?

There is no addon in the webstore:

Have you tried to use this already with no success?

I have reached out to regarding this issue and they suggest that it should work but that there are no specific plugins available on their end.

It does not work by default with debian 8 on chromium browser v50.0.2661.102.

FYI, I figured out the problem, and it is a bug in the ADC website script (one url is ‘liveview.aspx’, the other is ‘liveviewflash.aspx’.

In this case at least (using Chromium browser), the problem seems to be that the redirect from liveview.aspx to liveviewflash.aspx does not occur (like it does with Chrome browser).

Chromium browser is the open source browser code that Chrome browser is built from. They are nearly identical in almost everyway though, but with minor differences.

Bad url…video doesnt work:

Good url…video works:

Use something like Switcheroo Redirector extension. It’s available in the web store.

Glad to hear you got it working. We will report this to ADC as soon as possible!