Linking Accounts

I am trying to link a new account to an exsisiting account i have that I activated this morning, however it errors saying “The login and/or password you entered were not correct”

Does it take awhile for this information to update on, as i have entered the information correctly.

Generally there can be some lag on set up of an in its first hour of existence, but I would not expect that to impact this scenario. Did you log into the new account and change the password? Or are you using the temporary password to try and make this change? Could you be entering the password for the other account? You can always request a password reset for the user name in question if need be, but that should not be necessary.

Hi Amanda,

I changed the username as the one that I had chosen was taken and I was assigned a different login name. I also changed the password from the temporary one that was emailed to me. It has been about 25 minutes since this was done

I just tried using the original login and password that was sent to me and that is also not working.

Just to confirm; you’ve set up your new account (run a cell phone test and confirmed your email address), and updated your password for the new account from the temporary password assigned. You are logging into via the user name (the one you’d like to use for both accounts) for your fist/primary system and password and then following these directions you are entering the newly assigned user name for your new account with the newly updated password for that account, rather than its temporary password? Have you tried the temporary password?

yes that is what i did and i tried both passords and it didnt work

i then sent a request to rest the password. I was sent a link and it takes me to suretys site, but says the page is temporarily unavailable try again later

Ah. Ok. I see that you also updated the new user name. Its different from what was assigned to the account.

Let’s clear up your password issue. Then you should be able to follow the linking instructions by logging out of the new account (once you have the right password) and logging into the old account.

Have you tried resetting the password via the “Need help logging in” screen, linked to on the log in page? Enter the current user name for the new account under “Forgot your password?”. The follow the emailed instructions to reset your password.

I see another successful log in. Now you’ll want to log out and log into the old account to link this one per the directions above.

I read your mind and had changed the password and it worked. All linked up now, thank you. Can you tell me the difference between multi system and Enterprise please.

Multi-system access allows linking between accounts. My understanding of Enterprise notices, is when messages are sent down to the panel from the dealer.

Multi-system access is the ability to access multiple systems from the same login. The Enterprise tab lets you manage those multiple systems which your login has access to from a single page and aggregates them together as if they were one system.