Limited Sensor Activity Monitoring

I am getting a message saying my sensor activity monitoring is limited. I have the Gold Service which should have unlimited sensor monitoring??

Sensor activity monitoring is not the same as sensor security monitoring. You do have unlimited sensor security monitoring, other than the limitation on how many sensors the 2GIG panel can handle, which is currently 48 wireless sensors. From the FAQ…

Why does Gold Interactive only include “sensor activity monitoring” for 10 sensors?
A: Because “sensor activity monitoring” dramatically increases the cell phone signal usage of the alarm system. It sends a signal to every time that sensor opens/closes or changes in any way. Cell phone usage costs money. You can add additional sensors to be activity monitored for $2/month for each 5 additional sensors. Sensor activity monitoring is not the same thing as “sensor security monitoring”. All of the sensors installed on your system are “security monitored”, meaning they can trigger alarms and cause the police to be dispatched. Sensor activity monitoring is an additional service that goes above and beyond security monitoring to let you see the status of specified “activity monitored” sensors through