Lights/Garage Doors Not Showing In App

I recently added a Liftmaster MyQ to my system and everything is working fine in my app, but my wife’s app doesn’t show the “Garage Doors” page. It has always been on my iPhone version, but she said she never had that or lights on her Android version. Her app version is 3.2.0

Since I have the master account, do I need to do something to enable garage doors and lights on her account? I didn’t see anything like that on

Any help is truly appreciated!


Before doing assuming a problem with the settings, has she logged out of the app and back in since you started using these features?

If she uses a different login than your primary one, you may need to manage which features her login has access to.

In, go to the Profile tab when logged in using your primary account credentials, select Manage Logins, and select her login.

You can choose to give custom control of specific features, or just blanket full control there.

Thank you both! I missed the “Manage Logins” page and was looking under Securtiy --> Users. After I added garages and lights to her profile and had her log out and back in, everything is working!

Thanks again!