Lighting Design

I need some help on how to do z wave lighting on a 4 way switch. We have a foyer chandelier that has 3 separate light switches and one of those is a dimmer switch. What all z wave products do I need? Do I need a mini mote?

Also, we are looking to use LED light bulbs and wanted to make sure they are compatible with zwave switches. I had heard that only certain brands are compatible. Is that true or will any led bulb work?

Once we have the switches installed, do we have the option to control them from a separate app or do we have use our app? Currently, I think I would have to upgrade my service to allow for lighting control.

There are a couple options with regard to the hardware. GE/Jasco, Linear/Evolve should work where you would have one actual Switch and two Transmitters. The Minimote would then be used to associate the transmitters to the switch. The 2Gig panel cannot associate the two.

If you have a different primary controller for the Z wave network, there may be an associated app available for control, but otherwise you would need the controls. Keep in mind this Zwave automation is available free under Gold Interactive Service. If you already have Gold Interactive Service, you already have access to these features.

This DIYer discusses using Linear Zwave switches with a number of different LED brands and them working well.

Do you know which brand of LED bulbs you are looking at using?

Thanks… The hardware I currently have is the Linear WD500Z Zwave wall mount dimmer switch. And 3 Linear WS15Z-1 Zwave wall switch. For now, I was going to use those on just 4 single switch lights. I would still like to do the 3 switch chandelier at some point.

As far as controlling the one way switch’s, do I need any additional transmitter or can they be programmed into the 2 gig system now? I do have the gold interactive package so I can control lighting on these through my app correct?

We have not bought any LED bulbs yet and before we do we wanted to make sure they work with the Linear Zwave switch…

No, you wouldn’t need any transmitter for 1-way switches.

Think of the transmitters as dummy switches that replace the first and second switch in your 3-switch circuit and instead of directly controlling the power going to the light source, they send a wireless signal to the switch that does control the power.

You could learn those switches you have now into your 2Gig panel and use them now.

Great, thanks. I assume there is a tutorial on this site to learn in zwave light?

Also, any recommendations on which brand led bulbs to make sure they are compatible or will most work?

Here is a tutorial page dedicated to Zwave device installation.

The WS15Z-1 shouldn’t give issues with LED loads.

The WD500Z Dimmer should give you fluid dimming down to around 5-10% with LED. (I would try Cree or Phillips bulbs, I believe these are the most commonly reported to work well, but I think you should be fine with most if not all) This dimmer is actually designed to better handle lighter loads like LED bulbs if memory serves.