Light Switch for Qolsys IQ PANEL 2/ADC

I have a Qolsys IQ PANEL 2 and I am looking to get some light switches. All the different brands and compatibilities are overwhelming.

Can anyone tell me what brands/models work best with ADC and Qolsys IQ PANEL 2? Right now, I am just looking for normal on/off, no dimmer, no 3-way. Thanks in advance.

I was looking at Honeywell 39348, will this work with Qolsys IQ PANEL 2 and ADC?

Happy to help! Qolsys actually provides a list of officially tested and compatible products. I would recommend just going by this list for ease of use!

If a light is not on the list it doesn’t mean it won’t work, just that it isn’t officially tested by Qolsys.

In terms of compatibility for devices not on that list, generally speaking Z-wave lights should be compatible. Lights are simple enough that there is very little variation between them from a software perspective and it would be rarer to actually find one that doesn’t work.

Thermostats and Locks on the other hand, I wouldn’t stray from the Qolsys list.

Any non-test on/off switches that you know or have heard of actually working well with Qolsys?

Also, when shopping for the light switches I see that alot of them say “Smart hub require,” The IQ Panel acts as the smart-hub in my case right?

We typically stick to the list when choosing devices. I would usually go with GE models as I’ve never had issues. If you find a different specific model of light that you like though, I would recommend trying one out, it is likely to work fine.

Yes, a Z-wave device cannot be remotely operated by itself, it needs a Z-wave controller. This might be referred to as a Controller, Hub, Panel, etc. It is the central control device with the remote communications capability built in.

In this case the controller would be the IQ Panel

Thank you, you’ve been such a great help. One last question, IQ Panel 2 and ADC both have their own lists of compatibles devices. Which one do you think I should use the most to prevent compatibility issues?

Happy to answer any questions, glad I can help!

The Qolsys IQ Panel 2 only uses for back end communication. Anything on its list should work fine through ADC.

The list is always good to go by as well, as everything is mostly one for one with the Qolsys list and generally should be compatible with all panels, but the ADC list is more specific to manufactured modules I believe. The modules for Interlogix panels, and most DSC, are ADC made and include the Z-wave radio on the module board.