Light rule not working properly

I have created a rule for a “step light”. This is a second home, so when we leave i pause the rule, however the rule is still performing as if it is active, as I can see the light is on via my cameras. Can you tell me why this is happening…thanks

I requested an updated status for that light and got back a malfunction for the device which means it’s probably not communicating reliably. Are you currently able to manually turn that light on and and off through

That’s about all I can tell on our end at this point. The upcoming 2GIG firmware release is supposed to include additional Z-Wave diagnostic reporting to to help us troubleshoot Z-Wave issues such as telling us which neighbors each device can communication with. Until then, we can just tell that it’s in a malfunction state.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for trying. It looks like it malfunctioned when you requested the info. I have since turned it off and on and it fixed the malfunction. It’s strange I have never had an issue with this module before. I will delete and recreate the rule and see if that helps.

If it continues acting up let us know and we’ll help any way we can. We may need to get involved to help troubleshoot. The 1.11 2GIG firmware should be available soon so as long as they include the additional Z-Wave diagnostic features in the release that should help too.