Light not showing up

Can you tell me why this device shows up on the home light switch screen, but not when i click into it . RIVER ACCOUNT…Thanks

Are you referring to the one labeled “Family Light?”

Looks like you have that one placed in a group. It will be displayed in that group, not under the Other Lights and Switches section.

If you unintentially added it to the group you can delete that group on the lights page by clicking the config gear on the group card.

Thanks Jason…i put it in the group to see if i could see it, but that didnt work. I can see it on the android app, but not on the url site, which confuses me. I am also unable to remove it from the group as the group doea not show up on the url only the app. How to i temkve from the group on the app?

Ok so this is confusing. I logged in via my laptop and can see everything fine, however through my phone is does not pick up the “Family Light” . Its visible on mybphone via app, but not on url via phone. Any ideas why?

You mean you’re using a web browser on your phone instead of the app? Just curious, why not use the app?

Yes. I use the web browser to make setting changes that are not accessible in the app.

Another example. I can see both locks on the home page , but then click into locks and only one shows up.


Ah, I see. Historically the mobile web browser version has not been kept in parity with the app and standard web site you access on a pc or laptop. Mobile devices are intended to use the app. Some additional standard website settings are accessible in the mobile website, but not everything, and it is not really intended for day to day use I think.

They have been bringing more settings controls into the app design as well. I’ll forward your report here to ADC and let them know it looks like there are some specific bugs in the mobile browser version, but I believe the immediate recommendation will be to use a pc or laptop, or use the mobile app.

Regarding groups, you should be able to access and delete the group in the web site (on a laptop or pc).

Thanks. Yes I pretty much always use the app, but as you mentioned when i need to adjust or create a schedule, i have to do it on the website and i usually do it through my phone. I have never encountered issues with missing devices like am now, it must be a recent bug. Thanks for your help.

I have never encountered issues with missing devices like am now, it must be a recent bug.

Yeah it likely is, we’re reporting it to ADC for review and hopefully that can be fixed soon.

Thanks Jason