LiftMaster MyQ Questions

I have a Sears Craftsman Garage door system and purchased the LiftMaster 888LM based on your description that it should work with my system. I called LiftMaster and the 888LM will only work with LiftMaster system and said I need the 821LM. You might want to change the description so other people do not make the same mistake I did.

SO just to clarify, I think I need two 821LM (one for each of my garage doors) and one 828LM Gateway to connect to the internet, correct?

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You do have to have a 828 internet gateway for the system to work. The upgrade kit will work with yours, but you will need two controllers and a gateway.

Liftmaster MyQ upgrade kit-Basic
Liftmaster 888LM and 828LM Internet Gateway
Provides easy upgrade to Liftmaster Chamberlain or Sears Garage door openers manufactured since 1998 to new MyQ technology.
Features motion activated light controller, lock feature and timer to close.
Monitor or control from smartphone or computer with 828Lm internet gateway which is included in this package.

For clarification, you would always need either the 828LM or the 821LM. These are the internet gateways we directly sell. The 888LM will not provide access on its own, but communicates with the internet gateway.

The above post is correct.

See image below from manual for compatibility guide.

Okay, I have one 828LM Gateway and two 888LM Control Panels. I have the following Sears Craftsman openers.

139.53990DS and 139.53985DM

I am installing a QOLSYS Control panel. I assume I do not setup through the Liftmaster site and go through

I am waiting on my IQ Hardwire 16 module to convert my existing Concord Express and then I will use Suretydiy gold monitoring.

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Anyone know if this will work on my two openers?

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139.53990D and 139.53985D are listed as compatible with the 888LM according to the documentation. I can only tell you what’s in the documentation. We don’t have that model garage door to test it ourselves. Please let us know if it works. Do they have a purple learn button?

Update - The system works perfect. Thank you all for your help.