Liftmaster MyQ device not showing up in

I’m trying to add an 828LM and 888LM to my account. I can add the 828LM gateway to my account with no problem. But when I try to add the 888LM device to the gateway it never shows up on my account. Everything appears to work on the Liftmaster devices. I put the gateway in learn mode from and the gateway’s yellow light comes on. Then I press the learn button twice on the 888LM control panel and the control panel’s red light comes one for a second, the garage door opener lights flash and then both the control panel and gateway lights go back to normal, exactly as I would expect. Then when I click continue on it just spins for a while and finally says no new devices were found.

I tried resetting the 828LM gateway to factory defaults by powering it on with the side reset button pressed but that didn’t help.

What should I do next? Does anything look wrong on my account?

Do you have a blue light on the 828LM after the learn procedure? That needs to be on steady, along with the green network light, in order for to be able to see any paired devices. If you don’t have that, try moving the 828LM closer to the garage, at least temporarily to pair it, then see what happens. I had some difficulty initially too but after playing with the 828 for a bit, I got it to see the opener and it’s been fine since even after moving it back to the original location next to the router.

just a thought…

The 828 and 821 are both Gateway devices and would not learn into one another. Are you referring to an 888?
JP’s suggestion is a good test, if you can temporarily get the gateway closer to the 888 and if the gateway is not already showing it has a connected device.

If your gateway indicates that it did successfully connect a device, I would recommend we remove it and try again, in case there was any error in registration.

Yes, I’m referring to an 888LM. I have an 828LM and an 888LM.

No, I never had a steady blue light on the 828LM. The green light was always on. When I “added a device” on the 828LM’s yellow light came on and when I hit the learn button twice on the 888LM then the 828LM’s yellow button turned back off. I thought that meant it paired successfully. I’ll try moving it closer to see if the I can get the blue light to turn on.

Yeah, without the blue light being illuminated nothing is paired to it. You should only have to hit the learn button once too I believe.