Liftmaster MyQ 828LM Reregister

I am converting from another monitoring company. My Liftmaster 828LM with two doors, was registered and working properly through that company. But now when trying to re-register it through SuretyDIY, the web site indicates that the device is registered with another account and will not let me proceed. It gives me a link to “contact us”, which I did, but I am not sure where that went or if anyone is looking at it.

I have two controllers, one a 2GIG GoControl! and the other is a 2GIG GC3. I have almost all my z-wave devices now operational through SuretyDIY using the GC3. I am just having trouble with the Garage Door and one device that I will add a topic about once I resolve the garage door.



To envision the process, the Liftmaster 828LM is registered through an account, which in turn creates a registration in liftmaster’s Cloud service. If there is already an instance of registration for the serial number of your unit with Liftmaster, it won’t be able to be setup again. This registration is removed when the device is deleted.

A couple questions:

Did you cancel your prior account? Or do you still have access to login to it?

Did you reinstall this through the native Liftmaster app first? You wouldn’t be able to learn it into ADC until it is deleted from Liftmaster.

Thank you for your response. I have not cancelled the other account yet and can still log in through that account. I have also not installed the native Liftmaster app nor tried to delete it from Liftmaster.

Is that my first move, to delete it from Liftmaster? Can I do that through my other account or do I need to install the Liftmaster app (I don’t have an ID as far as I know).

If that is the case you would not need to deal with the Liftmaster app, no.

You would just need to have your prior provider delete the gateway through your previous account that is still active. You would not be able to learn it into the new account until that occurs.

I called, they are in the process of eliminating the gateway. They could not figure out how to do this, while I was on the phone, so they said they will call me back. I suppose, if they either can’t figure it out or don’t want to eliminate the device because they are unhappy with me leaving, I could purchase another 828LM. Would that resolve the problem? Or, would I also need to replace the garage door buttons?

The good news is that while I have been waiting, I figured out how to add my Leviton VRCS2-MRZ dual switch. So I won’t need help with that.

Would that resolve the problem? Or, would I also need to replace the garage door buttons?

No, only the Gateway 828 should need replaced if you cannot get it deleted. I would expect this to be removed however.

Once you are able to add the Gateway, you would just need to follow the step by step to add the garage door device.

Thanks Jason, the problem has been resolved!!! They did indeed delete the gateway and I was able to register through Thanks for the help.