Liftmaster garage door compatibility

I have a Liftmaster 3240M. It’s not that old but I don’t think it has the integrated wireless control. What do I need to purchase and install in order to control the garage door remotely? And what’s the additional monthly cost? Thanks.

The 3240M isn’t specifically listed in the compatibility list we have but, according to Liftmaster, any garage door opener they manufactured after 1998 is compatible with MyQ and When was yours installed? Assuming it is new enough to be compatible, you would need to replace your garage door button with an 888LM control panel and install an 828LM gateway to connect with your Internet access.

It doesn’t add to your monthly cost, it’s included with Gold Interactive service.

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Just to back it up, this thing is so worth it! :smiley: I never leave a door opener in my car now. I have always wanted an app to open and close and it is amazing.

My only advice, add a tilt sensor as well. Have had two cases where LiftMaster will say it is open and it isn’t or vice versa. This hasn’t happened in a LONG time, but the sensor just adds a double verification and peace of mind. Plus, for instance I turn on my garage lights (the door opener ones kept burning out) and the Open state using LiftMaster is about 20-30 seconds AFTER I opened the door and the sensor makes them come on while the door is halfway open.

Good point about the tilt sensor. The tilt sensor communicates directly with the 2GIG panel so the light automation is immediate. The Liftmaster MyQ system communicates with in the back-end so the light automation first goes through the MyQ gateway to Liftmaster’s servers via the Internet, then from Liftmaster to’s servers via the Internet, then to the 2GIG panel via the cell communicator. It’s a much longer trip and ends up right back in your house.

I have the MyQ gateway. Works like a charm using the OEM Liftmaster app. (Free). Some great features like auto-close (in case you forget).

I’m looking at getting a 2GIG system.


  • Can the 2GIG report status of my garage door on it’s panel?
  • Can I use the 2GIG panel to open/close my garage door?

I understand I can use to give me a unified view of all my devices: 2GIG as well as z-wave and others.


2GIG doesn’t do anything with Liftmaster MyQ, the MyQ integration is with You can’t see or control Liftmaster devices on the 2GIG panel. You can do both on the website and app.

Does the Blackberry app have the garage feature, I don’t see it…

I’ve personally never seen the Blackberry app but if you see the garage feature on the website or the other apps and not on the Blackberry app then I guess not. You might be better off logging in with the browser on Blackberry instead of using the app. When you log in with the browser on a mobile device you see a recently released mobile optimized site that’s actually pretty good and they intend to continue making the mobile site more powerful.

So if I have a 2gig system that is on a gold level account, and have the app, what pieces of equipment do I need to make a craftsman opener work

If the Crafstman opener has the MyQ logo on it then you just need the Internet Gateway.

If it doesn’t have the MyQ logo then you also need the MyQ control panel. This only works for newer openers though.

The safest best if you have an older opener is to use the MyQ Garage instead.