Liftmaster 821LM or GD00Z-4

Hi All,
I’m trying to add some pieces to my system for automation purposes. Running through The pieces in place are (none of them are actually connected to go control yet):
Go Control Panel
Lutron Smartbridge PRO (and caseta dimmers, pico remotes)
Ecobee3 thermostat
Kwikset 910 z-wave lock
Harmony Universal remote with home hub
2gig doorbell

  1. I want to add garage capabilities to a Genie Intellicode. It appears my options are Liftmaster 821LM or go control/linear GD00Z-4? Both work with now? Any advantages or disadvantages to using one or the other, or assuming they both work with opener, they will work the same?
  2. What is the process for adding the Lutron bridge to the panel? Any restrictions back ending into panel vs having z wave switches?
  3. It does not appear the Ecobee3 can connect directly to the panel. Since it can connect to the Lutron Bridge, can it still be incorporated into this system through the bridge?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks, Dave

  1. The 821 will work off of Wifi, so you’ll need to make sure your wifi signal reaches it’s location for quality communication, and it is integrated with service through the back-end, no local integration with the alarm system. The Linear Garage Zwave device will learn into your panel and communicate via Zwave, so you’ll need to make sure the Zwave mesh network reaches it for quality communication.

  2. You would need to contact your current service provider for assistance and instructions on adding the Lutron Caseta. It is also an IP based communication and does not locally communicate with your alarm panel. It is integrated through the back-end. If you are a suretyDIY customer, send us an email at

  3. I do not see Lutron listed as a compatible partner on Ecobee’s website. That said, I believe the Lutron integration is limited to lights regardless.

Thanks Jason,
I’m actually doing this for sister in law who bought a new house and wanted new outlets and switches anyways. She got her alarm through another provider and I didn’t realize its capabilities until after I had everything else set up. After playing around with the automated home, I plan on doing my house as well and will be going through suretyDIY, but waiting to see the CG3 first.

  1. So, in a nutshell, would the direct communication with z wave be the better option then? Both the wifi and z wave signals should not be a problem. Once up and working, is there any difference in usability? Do you have a personal/professional preference to one or the other?
  2. The Ecobee3 shows up on the Lutron app through the bridge on ios device. Not a deal killer, just curious. Like the Homekit abilities of Ecobee3 and it has its own sensors, so not a huge deal. Would there be a hub or way to integrate the Ecobee3 if not through Lutron?

I’m pretty eager for the GC3 myself.

  1. I do not have as much experience with the Linear Zwave option, as it only recently became compatible through, but I hear great things from extended use. One benefit of going that route is to avoid issues occurring due to Wifi changes/internet outage. It’s pretty common during a router change or an SSID/Network Key update to forget certain components rely on it.

  2. I double checked and it lists thermostat usage through Lutron as a “Coming Soon” feature, so while it would not work now, it may down the road. If you just want a secondary hub that could use the Ecobee3 (you wouldn’t have control over it or the second hub in ADC) I see Vera listed as a partner.

Thanks again,
Think I’ll try the Linear first, and just wait and hope on thermostat.
My setup will be a lot more complicated than my sisters, switching from wired sensors and DSC button panel to a whole home automated system. Need to get my ducks in a row on that system. Thank you.

My pleasure. If you have any questions about the setup, let us know!

My story on this topic

Thanks Diamond Dog, I saw this and you were my first resource and got me moving in the right direction:)

Jason, sorry to bother one more time. you said “3. I double checked and it lists thermostat usage through Lutron as a “Coming Soon” feature, so while it would not work now, it may down the road.” This was on list?
I just bought the Ecobee3 and was heavily debating between that and Nest (what I have in my house). On another thread, it appears Nest is now supported on, but not in rule setting? Would I be better off/ more integrated with Nest than Ecobee3, or too early to tell. If Lutron does in fact add thermostats to, guessing it would be about the same.

Not a bother, its why we are here. Yeah, sorry for the ambiguity, but its a bit ambiguous in general. In some general news from I just see mention of “Lutron Thermostat Use” through Caseta and or RadioRA2 being a “Coming Soon” feature, but little detail. There is no indication it is anything other than a planned feature and I couldn’t say for certain if EcoBee3 qualifies, though if it is Lutron compatible I would imagine so.

Yes, Nest has been requested A LOT as you can imagine, and it is now compatible through the back-end. However, it is currently limited to direct control (Mode, target point). This compatibility was just recently released and will likely grow before too long.

Nest is probably the safer bet currently if your choice is between those two.

I have the Liftmaster option, as that to me was much simpler. I don’t have WiFi issues because I directly connected the gateway using a Cat45 to my router. The controllers, last I checked use a radio signal back to the gateway so everything is pretty smooth, havent had any issues on two separate garages.

Now I will say this…the 2gig network bridge is a miracle device. Ever since I installed that thing everything on my system is near instant. I would recommend one of those if you go the Liftmaster route since everything is technically routed through the internet anyway.

Jason, Diamond Dog?
So I’m in the process of installing the gd00z-4 and the go control is not discovering the device. I have it within two feet, start add device on go control, press the button on gd004, it beeps, 30 seconds later it peeps twice and that’s the end of it. Running version 1.13. Any thoughts?

Never mind. I got it. Had to remove device for some reason, then it added fine.

Yep, even if it is new, often Zwave devices will have been tested and added to a network. The Device itself retains the parent network info and that must be cleared before learning into another one. You do this by using the “Remove Device” feature.

I have GoContorl/2gig control panel w v 1.14 firmware and have been trying to add Linear GD00z-4.
I added it as ZWAVE and can see it in devices in but it shows up in as ‘Device state unknown’. Can you tell me how you got it to work?

BTW - I have similar problem with Everspring flood detector ST812-2 that shows up with type of Zwave Unknown on

ANyone have experience with his one?

I added it as ZWAVE and can see it in devices in but it shows up in as ‘Device state unknown’. Can you tell me how you got it to work?

If you are a suretyDIY subscriber, send an email to to request an equipment status update. If you use a different provider, you will want to contact them regarding the same.

If a Z-wave device’s status cannot be discovered it also may indicate the Z-wave network cannot effectively communicate to the device location. Look at the distance between the control panel and the Garage Device, intervening walls, and are there any repeating nodes between?

BTW – I have similar problem with Everspring flood detector ST812-2 that shows up with type of Zwave Unknown on

This is not a supported Z-wave device type. For a compatible 2GIG flood sensor, see the RE219.

linear garage door synch

I was able to have my 2GIG panel communicate with LInear and actually see garage door status change on 2GIG control panel. It required that I enable locks (Q82) and re-synch the linear tilt sensor with the linear garage door controller:

next stop - control through

I can confirm that GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 Garage Door opener/sensor is compatible with GoControl/2GIG(v1.14) and

If you have this setup and are having problems try:

  1. Reset GD00Z-4 by pressing link button on main garage unit 5 times. (You should hear short beep then longer one)
  2. Include device thru normal zwave Add device (press link button once and release)
  3. If door sensor is not recognized you might have to reset it
    • Remove sensor (make sure battery is in the right way)
    • Press and hold link button on main garage unit for 7 seconds
    • Move sensor vertical and horizontal while pressing small button until you hear beep
  4. Make sure that locks are enabled on your 2GIG system Q82 - enabled
  5. Make sure that suretyDIY or your monitoring company enables the garage door opener in

Yes, compatibility through was added shortly before the release of 1.14 firmware. It does require locks activated.

How do you like the GD00Z-4?