Leviton Zwave Plus Outlet, wrong "Type"

So I turned off a breaker and wouldn’t you know it, another GE/Enbrighten device failed after powering the circuit back up. I recently tried Leviton for a light/fan switch and have been pleased, so thought I would try a Leviton outlet as a replacement for the failed GE device. Install went just fine with the exception the IQ panel is indicating the device type is “Water Valve” after inputting the DSK. I can’t figure out how to change the device type…Any suggestions? Thanks.

There is no way to manually assign the device type for those Z-wave devices. The device type is inferred from the reporting parameters used by the device, including the command class. Unrecognized devices may display an odd type at times.

What is the exact model number of that outlet you are adding?

Leviton ZW15R-1BW Decora Smart Tamper-Resistant Outlet with Z-Wave Technology

That model is unfortunately not found on either Qolsys or Alarm.com’s supported device list that I can find.

Is that showing up as a switch in Alarm.com or is it showing as a water device there as well?

Troubleshooting steps would be to delete that device, reboot the panel and try re-adding it, but it is unlikely to change behavior.

On Alarm.com, it shows under “lights”, same as my Dome Water Main Shutoff. Yes, after initial install and observing it reporting wrong device type, I deleted, rebooted, and added again with same result. Thanks.

Unfortunately there is not a way to adjust that manually on the panel. We’ll let Qolsys know the model and a future firmware update may be able to resolve that. More likely if it is commonly used.

Hey guys, this same particular outlet isn’t showing on the panel under lights, but does show on the iOS app and website, any ideas on how to force the panel to display it? Also any way to force the panel to display the light list in alphabetical order?, the iOS app and website do. Thanks

There have been no changes to expected compatibility for that device. There is no way to manually assign it as a light.

You cannot manually change the order of devices in the panel or display alphabetically. Those will be listed in the order they are added I believe. The app displays devices alphabetically, allowing you to edit the name to change it around.