I do understand from reading that ADC has a problem with the Schlage BE369, but I still would like to pair it with my 2gig controller. Can you explain how to do this? I can’t seem to find info anywhere and when I search for new devices I don’t see it show up. It’s about 30 feet away from controller with no walls in the way, also a zwave lamp controller is right next to the door.

A lot of good general troubleshooting tips for Zwave devices can be found here.

A couple things to take into consideration:

The lock cannot be part of another Zwave network if you are trying to add it to your 2Gig panel. It would need to be removed first.

When learning in any Zwave device, you want it within a few feet of the controller for reliable pairing. 30 feet is simply way too far to effectively pair a lock. You can run your 2Gig panel on battery and bring it close to the lock.

Keep in mind there are not just issues with the 369 however, the lock has reached end of life and ADC is effectively discontinuing support.

I have three Schlage 369 that both worked with vera and revolve that I couldn’t get paired with my 2gig… Here are some items to try. Honestly, depending on how you value your time, I already replaced one with a Quickset 914 and it paired immediately. I’m not going to waste any more time with the other two. Given additional functionality and motorized lock of the 914, the ability to manage codes and sync door access with alarm access, I’m past the 369’s.

2 of the three I had were gold and a couple of years old…if that is the case you may have a firmware version that won’t pair… I would make sure both sets of batteries are current and I would bring the lock right to your panel. I got the newer of my 369 to pair by doing that… no way it would pair given where my doors were located… take it off the door, place it by the panel… if the firmware or lock was made in the last year you might be able to pair it.

Very frustrating… a lot of the devices ADC shows on their website are temperamental… Scalage being one of them… but they were temperamental with both my Revolv and Micasa Vera Home Automation systems.

The BE369 is end of life, so pretty much no one will likely be paying it any developmental effort. ADC has actually removed it now from their Home Automation equipment list page. https://www.alarm.com/partners/hardware.aspx#homeautomation