Learn existing sensors

There is no app for install like you are suggesting. I am happy to forward this.

Can take a half hour or more to sync sensor state with the panel, this is wrong and needs to be fixed. Should take no more than thirty seconds or a minute even with panel-server-app path. Something else is broken

Are you talking about the Unknown or “Not-Networked” status of PowerG on the panel right after installation of the sensor?

No, I was talking about a successfully registered sensor: monitoring it’s state in the app vs in the panel. The app takes a long time, like twenty, thirty minutes or more, to show correct status for the sensors status list. It’s near useless as a security morning app, due to this. And so easy to fix.

An extended delay in subsequent activity is only expected for motion detectors after they have already reported activated. What you are describing is not normal.

Doors and windows would have a max of 3 minutes delay and only if they already just reported activity changes.

I would suggest testing that again now that devices have been registered and battery usage leveled off.

If you still see issues, let us know the zone you opened, when you opened it, and when the activity registered.