Kwikset Lock Low Batteries

I’ve got 2 Kwikset 910s. One shows 60% battery and I’ve had the same batteries in for over a month. The other I just replaced with brand new Duracells, and it shows just 50%. As you can imagine, that lock reports low battery after just 2 to 3 weeks.

It’s been that way since I’ve had it. Did I just get a bummer lock? The deadbolt goes in / out freely and no binding. Since the first snow (some time ago) we’ve actually used the back door almost exclusively.

I replace the batteries and the ones I take out are testing at 1.47V. Could the lock be that picky about voltage?

From the network listed on the account, it looks like there may be only one device acting as a repeater in the network. Thermostats look to have been learned in on battery power. Zwave network signalling looks solid, but it may play a role still regarding that lock.

If that lock was not learned in within a few feet from the panel (and left there a couple minutes) it may cause problems with communication, or may cause the lock to fail to enter a low-power operating state to save battery, instead using power as though it were always transmitting.

To be certain about whether or not the hardware itself is reporting properly, as a test you could measure batteries before inserting them, then measure after the lock reports them to be low. If the change is negligible you likely just have a bad lock.

Really? I learned in the downstairs t-stat on AC power. It doesn’t show as a repeater?

Would a repeater possibly help the situation?

Oh yeah, the brand new batteries I put in the lock yesterday are already giving me a low battery notification. The lock reported the new batteries as only 50%, now reporting as 20% after about a day in the lock.

Would I be able to tell which are acting as repeaters, etc. if I added a z-wave dongle and software to my PC?

Yes, your thermostats show as battery powered.

Have you tried swapping the locks? If you swap them and the problem moves with the lock to the new location then you probably have a bad lock. If the problem stays with the location and starts happening with the other lock then the problem is with your installation (the bolt can’t move freely) or with Z-Wave communication (you need a repeater).

Really? I learned in the downstairs t-stat on AC power. It doesn’t show as a repeater?

When you connected C wire to tstat, and then added it in zwave toolbox/configured on ADC, did you have batteries in it? or did you remove them and add them in after all was said and done?

Remove the zwave tstat, remove the batteries, put it back on base powered by C wire, reset tstat, and re add to panel zwave devices, then set it up on ADC (with no batteries).

then check, and rediscover network. Now it should be a repeater.

add the batteries.