Kwikset deadbolt compatible with and Alexa

My account is used for rehab installations, and frequently has service suspended waiting for the next rehab project. I will eventually, probably at the end of 2021, get another account for my home. In the meantime, I am installing smart switches and outlets to control via Alexa. I wish to install a smart deadbolt that will work with Alexa now, and when I upgrade my home security. I am fond of Kwikset’s smart key. Questions:

Which Kwikset deadbolt locks are compatible with Alexa and
It looks like I’ll need a smart hub - what is the smart hub recommended?
Is there a how-to guide postes somewhere that can explain what I need?

I have Google Assistant which I know is not the same as Alexa. It’s not that the lock is compatible with Google or even Alexa the lock has to be compatible with if it’s compatible with then you can control it through Google ( after you link it to Google). The Voice Assistant talks to and then talks to the locks.

What if I do not have an active system? I will eventually upgrade my security and will use For now I’m just doing home automation with Alexa compatible devices. Doorlock style are a bit pricey and I wanna make sure that I get one that will accommodate in the future…

If you scroll down to the locks section, you’ll see which ones are compatible with You might actually have to search the model that’s listed on this website to determine if it’s compatible with Alexa and or Google, alone.

Surety is an service dealer and this is our support forum for products and services. I can’t really help with step by step guides on using unrelated systems.

What I can say is the compatible Kwikset locks are Z-wave. Choosing any other hub that supports Z-wave devices and advertises that it works with Alexa is all you would need. SmartThings is popular.


Many thanks. The point of this post was to ensure compatibility with in the future. Looking for a steppingstone solution. And I think that I have found it. Again many thanks for the help.

No problem. Glad to hear you found something that will work!