Kwikset 914 ZWave Plus Lock Repeated Offline/Malfunction

Hey everyone,

I have my new Qolsys IQ 2 panel installed and running in my new home and everything went well with the setup and install, however, I’m now getting continual alerts from my Kwikset 914 ZWave Plus stating that it is either Offline (and back online later) or Malfunctioning.

I’m kind of at a loss of how to debug this and would appreciate some advice. As far as the online/offline part, it seems that the lock is working correctly, it often comes back online when it is unlocked or used. I’m wondering if this is normal behavior and the panel is just over communicating that fact. If that’s the case how can I disable that alert? If it isn’t normal, what should I do to debug it?

As far as the malfunction goes, I think this might be that the door isn’t completely closed and that the lock cannot engage. But is there any information that might be available that gives more details about the ‘malfunction’ so that I can verify that? Any advice on how to resolve the door closing issue?

For reference, I have a separate large ZWave network in my home (lights, switches, etc) that is controlled by SmartThings (however it does not have any overlap with the Qolsys panel). The only ZWave device I have paired with the Qolsys panel is this lock, and the lock is literally only a few feet away from the panel.



Malfunction indicates that the Lock is having issues communicating. How far away from the panel is the lock? Under 6? More? How old are the batteries?

How far away was the lock when you first paired it to the panel? Z-Wave locks need to be within Six feet of the panel during the pairing process and left there for about 5 minutes to complete secure enrollment after the lock pairs to the panel. Was this done?

If not, I would un pair the lock from the panel and try again ensuring that the lock remains near the panel for a few minutes after pairing. Be sure to run a network rediscovery when done. Any Change?

As this is the only Z-Wave device in the network, it may be a good idea to include one or 2 powered, repeating Z-wave devices to the network. The more robust the mesh network, the better the communication pathways for z-wave.

Thanks Tyler

Removing and re-pairing the lock seems to have resolved the issues.

I ultimately had to remove the lock, wait for the zwave devices to sync with (so that the lock was removed from the device list) and then re-pair the lock and again wait for the zwave devices to sync with The first time I did not wait between steps and since the device received the same ID as it previously had never updated to the new paired instance nor removed the old one.