Kwikset 912 Lock, Qolsys IQ2+ Panel and Z-Wave Extender

I have the Qolsys IQ2+ panel and a Kwikset 912 lever lock on a detached garage. The panel and lock can communicate, but the distance is far enough that the lock batteries drain very quickly (~2 weeks). There are GE z-wave switches (46201 & 47898) immediately next to the lock, and there is an Aeotec Range Extender 7 Zwave Repeater outside on a covered porch about a third closer to the lock than the IQ2+ panel is.

It seems because of conflicting security standards (lock is S0, range extender and switches are S2 and NOT S0) the lock signal is not being extended.

Are there any suggestions on how to extend the signal to the lock so the batteries aren’t draining so quickly and the connection is more consistent? Can I make the lock not be encrypted so that the signal can be extended by the switches and extender? (I don’t worry about security on this door)

Distance will have a great impact on signaling, but it is not a direct relationship between range and battery use. That’s not expected.

How far away from the panel was the lock when it was learned in? Locks must be within 6 feet to properly and completely pair without additional issues down the road.

The first thing I would try is to delete and reinclude that lock into the network. Replace the batteries so they are fresh, run a network rediscovery and then test, does the low battery occur quickly again?

Thanks for the quick reply. The panel and the lock were within 5 feet of each other (I brought the panel to the garage to learn it in). I would think that if it is having to broadcast more (due to lost packets or having to amplify its signal) that it would run the batteries down quicker.

As to my original question, are there extenders that work with S0 security? Or am I able to not use encryption with the lock?

The S0 and S2 security is not likely relevant here. There is no issue with having S0 and S2 devices on the same network in general, Z-wave protocols are designed with backward compatibility in mind.

due to lost packets

Your system does not show messages being dropped in diagnostics. All devices show a good connection to neighbor nodes.

or having to amplify its signal

Z-wave locks do not do this. It can’t amplify strength levels, and the lock only reports two repeaters as neighbor nodes, the panel itself is not a direct communication option for it.

The issue here is almost certainly going to be one isolated to the lock.

Please try a removal and re-inclusion of the lock. I would also suggest a factory reset the lock during that process. To reset:

  • Remove the battery pack.
  • Hold down the program button
  • While holding the program button down, slide in the battery pack
  • Keep holding the program button for about 30 seconds, the lock will beep and flash red when ready. Release the button.
  • Press the program button one more time. The lock will beep and flash green.

Another thing that might chew through batteries quickly is difficulty of the lock motor to engage or disengage the lock. This can happen if the lock is overtightened or a bit misaligned.

That’s actually easier to do than you would expect, as the typical manual handle lock or deadbolt has much more tolerance for variation than a motorized lock. This is a much more common occurrence in deadbolts though.

You can certainly try a different or additional repeater, but I do not expect it would make a difference. 2 weeks battery drain is indicative of an issue outside of normal signaling.

Older models of plug in appliance modules like the Zw4101 might be available used, but I am not aware of current models using only S0. Newer devices support both S2 and S0.

I’m having a similar problem, where a Kwikset 914 seems to refuse to communicate through an Aeotec Range Extender 7 that is 5 feet away. I also suspect it is an S0 vs S2 issue. I have removed and re-included the lock twice with no improvement.

I also suspect it is an S0 vs S2 issue.

Please read above post.

I have removed and re-included the lock twice with no improvement.

Which lock are you referencing in your device list? Note that the newest Lock with name “Cottage 5” shows as having failed secure inclusion. This almost always means it was learned in while too far from the panel, and it must be deleted and relearned close to the panel.

From above, locks must be within 6 feet while learning in to properly and completely pair without errors. You can do this by either bringing the lock to the panel, or usually easier, bringing the panel to the lock.

The latest added repeater (also with Cottage in the name) shows as being a neighbor node for the lock, but the repeater itself has poor link quality to the panel and no other neighbor nodes. It may simply be too far from the panel itself. How far away is the panel?