Kwikset 909 Synching Question

I have a Kwikset 909 z-wave lock which is working well and seems to communicate properly with my 2gig system, but when the door locks, my suretycam/ account doesn’t always show the door as locked (and I checked, the door is actually locked). This isn’t a problem for any other activities, just sometimes when the door locks. Do you have any suggestions for how to troubleshoot/diagnose? Thank you!

To break this down a bit further, is there any pattern to when ADC fails to display the state of the lock?

When it fails to change the state, did you manually lock the door by turning the throw knob, or did you send a command?

How long has this been occurring?

It’s been occurring on and off for about a week or two now, and seems to be happening randomly. It has happened when I manually throw the lock as well as press the ‘lock’ button on the keypad, but doesn’t always happen with either - sometimes both methods show the door as locked, but it seems the lock button may be a slightly worse culprit. The door always successfully locks in both cases, but doesn’t necessarily register with the system. I haven’t been sending lock commands remotely so I can’t say how that works, but I do know that when the door is locked but not registered as such, if I send a ‘lock’ command remotely, the lock doesn’t make any noise, but the system then registers the door as ‘locked’.

I would suggest trying to send a number of remote commands through to see if all of those are received properly by the lock.

A good first step when some commands go through but some do not is to run a network rediscovery, a video of which can be found here. If this does not clear up communication, you should remove and relearn the door lock into the system. Make sure to take your Go!Control off the wall and run it on battery power so you can keep it within a few feet of the lock during the pairing process.

Seems like the problem was low batteries. Shortly after I posted my problem I got a low battery alert, and since I changed the batteries the system has been working properly. Thanks for the help!