Kwikset 450191ZW not syncing

I have performed every reset and every inclusion and exclusion steps on the internet to get these two locks to sync with my new panel. THEY WILL NOT WORK!! I have three locks total and one works and the other two do not. The ones that do not work are the 450191 or commonly referred to the 910’s. The one that works is a 450248 or referred to a 914. Can anyone please help me figure this out. Very annoying.

Happy to assist!

It looks like neither lock completed whats called the Secure Enrollment Process successfully. Secure enrollment is the process by which a Z-Wave device (typically a lock) and a Z-Wave controller (your panel) exchange information about encryption schemes and agree upon a key to use in their communication going forward. This takes place after the enrollment process has begun.

Should this fail, the locks will not sync properly and you will run into issues. There a few reasons this may fail:

  • Batteries are bad/low
  • Commands were being sent to either the panel or the lock during the secure enrollment process
  • The lock was not within six feet of the controller during the enrollment process

To troubleshoot:

  • Ensure batteries are good and have a good charge.
  • Remove the lock(s) from the Z-Wave network.
  • Add locks to the network, one at a time, and ensure that they are within six feet of the panel. Leave the locks near
    the panel for at least five minutes after adding to the network. Do not send any commands to the lock or panel during
    this time. This is when the secure enrollment process is being completed.
  • After all devices are learned into the panel, put all of the equipment in their installation locations and Run a Z-
    Wave Network Rediscovery. This is critical after adding Z-Wave devices to ensure efficient communication between

After following the above steps, any change?