keypad (PAD1) # and *

Is there a purpose to the “#” and “*” buttons on the keypad?

Not sure. I’ve never used the star or pound buttons on a PAD1. We’ll have to check with 2GIG when they’re open next week. It might just be that they used a stock keypad part when they designed the PAD1 and it happened to have those keys even though 2GIG didn’t need them.

The star and pound symbol on a PAD1-345 are vestigial features of phone keypad design as a whole. They have no real function, but were physically added by engineers in what I suspect is a “just in case” or “just because” capacity.

Too bad 2GIG didnt assign the # as say “no delay”, and * as “silent” arming hotkeys


We do not use these very often at all, as I suspect is the case for most dealers, since the TS1 offers a lot more functionality. 2Gig seems to have intended it that way by design.

Actually if you press the star key the main panel will announce system status