Key Fob voice prompts not working under new sw version

Key fob voice prompts went absent after newest sw upgrade. Sensor menu shows voice prompts as ‘on’.

So far all the documentation for v1.5.1 software did not highlight sensor options modifications. Before, it was nice to listen to the feedback if the system had registered the second button tap for ‘away’ mode before leaving the house.

The countdown voice prompts work fine after the countdown reaches 10 seconds.

Anyone else having the same problem?

I have not heard this yet, but we are happy to verify with Qolsys and do a little testing.

Alright, I got word that this was in fact removed, but it is planned to be re-added next update.

Perfect! Any estimates on when the next update might be coming?

The panel seems to exhibit a small boost in performance (per my eye test). Seems to be more responsive/less laggy when exercising certain inputs…

Very happy with the Qolsys system and Surety’s service!

Thanks for your help!

We have no ETA on the next firmware release, though they have been very consistent and we would assume somewhere around early summer.