Key Card Encoder


A few years ago, SuretyCam set up a key-card system for my friend’s business which allowed them to set up access cards (like at a hotel) to give people access to different parts of the business. Unfortunately, the application that they used to encode the cards was wiped out when they had to restore after a Windows update when bad. They don’t remember the name of the application, or anything else really about it. But as you can imagine, they need to get the application back so that they can continue encoding the key cards for their business.

Do you know if Surety recommended any key-card encoding/management application specifically? Is there a way I can find out what application was used to encode the cards, and possibly how to get them back up and running?

Thank you!

This is a forum for suretyDIY support, however I’ll forward this request to the correct person to reply via email.