My IQ2 has indicated a few times that the front door is “jammed”. What does this mean?

This would be referencing RF Jam detection. It does not appear this is related to a suretyDIY subscription, correct? I cannot corroborate any signals on the back end, but one thing to check locally is to see if the door is sending a high amount of signals or alerts like tampers repeatedly.

Is it just on that specific door? Do you have other sensors installed?

RF Jam detection setting scan be found on page 21 of the manual.

Thanks. I will take a look at that.

I had the security service person out and they replaced the sensor at the door. It is about 5 feet from the panel. Shortly after he left I got the “jammed” notification again from the door sensor. Not sure what else to do.

What model of sensor is on the door?

What is the firmware version of the IQ Panel 2? Settings > Installer Code > About > Software